Hey T1D warriors and supporters! I want to first thank you for reaching out and inquiring about the first annual Greater Than Fantasy Football League! This page will explain a how the league will be set up, cost to join and of where all of the money is going as well as potential meet ups to watch the games together. With that said let's get to it!

The League:

Depending on how many teams we have join the league... will determine how the league is set up. We are looking to have up to 6 conferences, each with 2 divisions, with each division consisting of 12 teams! So we could have a total of 48 teams! We will be setting up each conference as we have teams enroll. In the event we have more than 48 teams, we will expand the league to accommodate the demand!


The roster will consist of 15 players. 

Starters: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF - TOTAL of 8

Bench: Will consist of 7 players backing up your starters

NOTE!!!! Because we will be having more than one conference with multiple divisions there could be a chance you face a team in the playoffs who may have one or more of the same players as you. It will be impossible to accommodate 48 teams with the limited amount of starting players in the NFL! Remember we want to make sure the league is fair and competitive!


Trade will be subject to commissioner approval. It is very important to us at Greater Than to make sure the league is not only fair but competitive! 

Trade Rejection time: 2 days

Wavier Wire:

There will be a Wavier Wire, and it's based off your draft position. If you pick #1 you will be last in the wavier wire etc...

Waiver time: 2 days


Scoring will be posted shortly!


The playoffs will take place during weeks 14 through 16 of the NFL regular season. We have skipped week 17 as some teams rest their starter this week if they are guaranteed a playoff berth! Only two teams from each conference will advance to the playoffs if we have all 6 conferences. In the event we have less than 6 conferences, we will adjust the amount of teams making it to the playoffs to accommodate the 3 weeks of playoff schedule. For example... if we have 2 conferences each with 10 teams for a total of 20 teams. Two teams from each division will advance to the playoffs for a total of 8 teams. If you have any questions please reach out!!!! I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


The total cost of the league this year is $75.00. The Greater Than League will be donating 50% to Greater Than Research Grant through Diabetes Research Connection ( I will be providing all the information about the Grant as it gets finalized over the next few weeks! We are really stoked about this Grant and it going directly to cutting-edge research! Once a candidate is chosen we will be releasing who won and the focus of their research!

Side Note: We will be at the DRC Dance for Diabetes event on Sept 29th and selling an especially designed shirt for our Grant! All are welcome but tickets are selling fast!  The rest of the money will go toward providing a cash prize for the winner and maybe some swag along the way! Cash prize amount is to be determined!


Meet-ups! One of the most important parts of this whole league is getting to know one another and hopefully building some solid friendships along the way! I will be posting meetups at least once a month in different locations across Southern California. For those of you who aren't in our neck of the woods, I highly recommend reaching out to others in the league to set something up! We love bringing people together under the type one umbrella!

Sign Up:

To sign up please click the link below... Once you pay for your entrance into the league Please send an email to with your name, order number, team name and where you are from!

Lastly, let's have fun! I ask that we keep the trash talking to a non-offensive manner and respect others in the process! We want this to be a league everyone from all walks of life can join and enjoy! Thanks again and let raise awareness for Type One!!!!