Greater Than teams up with The Bravest!

Hey everyone, we're really excited to announce that we've teamed up with Craig Kasper who is a New York City Dr., a type one diabetic and host of a podcast called The Bravest. He interviews individuals touched by diabetes who are doing amazing things. 

    "BRAVEST is about helping you live your healthiest life possible despite any obstacles you might face along the way. While we all face obstacles on a day to day basis, on the show we focus on attacking life with diabetes, from the inside out. But it’s more than just that. BRAVEST is really about developing a blueprint to help anyone overcome obstacles in their life to achieve health in mind, body and spirit."

Through collaboration and community, we are both working towards generating awareness and ultimately being a part of a movement that finds a cure for diabetes. 

Please check out his website and listen to some pretty amazing interviews with extraordinary people overcoming their obstacles.






  • I really like the “Greater than” logo. My daughter has type 1 but that is not her only diagnosis. She also has Turner Syndrome, juvenile arthritis, celiac, and hashimotos. Great than, encompasses all of this in one slogan. I look forward to seeing your shirts.

  • How do I order a kids hat all I see is Men and Woman looking for the Gray with Army print

  • Our youngest son Jeremy was diagnosed with T1D a month before his 13th birthday. This summer we had to get him ready to head off to college. He’s four hours away and playing football in college. He’ll have a new group of people to educate on T1D: roommate (from South Africa), new friends, teammates, and coaches! He had television and a newspaper interviews this summer to educate T1Ds and parents on how to get prepared for going off the college.

    John Hartnett

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