What a year!! Thank you to everyone for the hugs, high-fives, support and laughter! Just like my son Hayden’s battle with Type 1 Diabetes, this year has been full of highs and lows. Something that is now engrained in my brain, is that after those terrible lows, a high is just around the corner (in life and diabetes lol).
Let’s review some of my lows just for fun shall we? 🤦‍♀️ ha. And no worries, I will follow them up with some positivity because that’s what life is about. Turning that frown upside down, making lemonade out of lemons.... and adding vodka when it doesn’t work!! 
My sweet and innocent son Hayden was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a month before his 6th birthday this February of 2017. I became depressed and had crippling anxiety and felt completely lost. Watching my son suffer and be scared and have to face this disease was almost too much to bare. What I felt like doing was curling up in a ball in my comfy bed and just waiting out the storm until life seemed easier…which I very well might have done for a few days but the storm raged on (anyone else hear the song from Frozen when reading that? If you do, you’ve got little ones that won’t seem to “Let it go.” haha. While this was (and is) difficult to deal with, I got help with the anxiety and depression and not only do I feel good, I feel GREATER THAN I’ve ever felt before!! Seriously! Now,I may be a little more tired than normal (understatement) because having a Type 1 son, and 2 kiddos that are 2 and under..it’s a lot! but that’s something I’m hoping to get a better handle on in the coming year.
My husband’s job went south right after Hayden’s diagnosis and we experienced another low. But wait for it….the HIGH was he was able to help me with my troubles when dealing with my sons diagnosis and really held our household together while in this adjustment period. We were also able to start our AMAZING company GREATER THAN creating apparel that empowers people and raises money for Type 1 Research! Talk about a high after a low! Our lives have completely changed course which we’ve learned to embrace and have turned those lemons into lemonade!! (that may or may not be spiked from time to time lol).
I would never, EVER, wish this diagnosis on my son or anyone. There are hard days and nights that we experience BUT if I had to say just ONE thing positive that has come this year out of all the heartache, I wouldn’t be able to! There are soooo many positives I’d need to make a list…so here goes!! My family is closer, we started our company Greater Than, have gained SOOOOO many new friends in the diabetic community, have never felt so supported and surrounded by love, have learned to be strong and braver than I thought I could ever be, my son is a T1 warrior!!, we are spreading awareness, raising funds for type 1 research, have learned to really appreciate every day, every single MOMENT because we don’t know when things will change and it all happens in the blink of an eye. 
Goodbye 2017, you were a year filled with heartache, tears, and learning experiences that will last me a lifetime. But you were also filled with family, laughter, love and community. Thanks for the memories.
Saying hello to 2018 this morning with an optimistic viewpoint and a fire in my belly to make this year amazing! I feel stronger than ever, love my family more than I thought was possible, have so many goals and aspirations that I am going to MAKE happen! I challenge all of you reading to somehow find the silver linings in life and put a positive spin on it. I don’t like a lot of the cards we’ve been dealt but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it keep my down or break my spirit. Watch out 2018, I’m coming for ya!


  • Great post! You have done so much in just ten months! My daughter was DX at 6 three years ago this April. I feel you. ? You’ve done an amazing thing with the Greater Than business- what a show of support to your little guy. My daughter looks beautiful in her top that I ordered her. She’s truly incredible- she was before and still is despite this awful disease. You are doing a good job. I just wanted you to know that. Ten months in. Smh. I was still counting carbs on my fingers then. ??

  • Great way to stay positive and look for the good! We are two years into this T1D ride, and I relate to your experience. Thank you for being transparent with your story and an encouragement. May 2018 bring you many blessings and joy!!


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