Foods That Serve Your Body & Blood Sugar

"Food is medicine."

I'm sure that you have heard this statement at least once in your lifetime but what does it actually mean? How can you really know which foods are "good" versus "bad" for your body?" Or what's good or bad for you personally? While I truly believe there isn't a one size fits all approach, I am confident that eating clean, whole foods is the best thing you can do for your inner and outer self. 

After my Type 1 diagnosis almost 4 years ago, my initial question was what should I eat? Should I change anything since I was just diagnosed with this (random) disease that forces me to be obsessively mindful of each bite of food I will take for the rest of my life?

The popular answer is you can eat anything!  "This isn't Type 2 diabetes" they say. You count your carbs, dose accordingly, wait, eat, correct, live life, do you. 

And yes, Type 1 is different than Type 2 diabetes. But the reality is you (or your loved one) have been diagnosed with a chronic disease that requires more than just accepting your diagnosis and taking your prescribed medicine to survive. I want you to THRIVE.

With four years of purposefully managing my Type 1 diabetes under my belt, I am learning this: You must live life with intentional mindfulness of loving and choosing what's best for your health now and later.

Let's dive into 3 practical steps you can take towards using food as your medicine and feeling your best!

1. Eat real foods--i.e, food in its natural state. 

Try to limit the boxes and packages and learn to stick to single-ingredient foods. Avoiding the cereal, chip, & snack isle is in your best interest! The food options seem alluring, but they are likely highly processed, full of unnecessary additives, and not supporting your immune system. Check out the Whole30 plan to get a refreshing, clear guideline on how to start choosing real foods to support your body with. It's easier than it sounds--I promise.

2. Read labels.

It sounds simple but so many people neglect this simple & powerful step! When you actually take the time to read labels you learn what things (good and bad) are inside of your food. Are you aware of how many additives you're eating in a day? Is sugar the 1st or 2nd ingredient in your favorite bar or cereal? Reading labels = mindfulness; mindfulness = wiser food choices. 

3. Cut out added sugars...and just minimize sugar overall. 

This piggy backs off of my last tip on reading labels. Simply put, sugar isn't good for anyone's health and you will be very surprised on how sugar sneaks into your favorite foods, sauces, & snacks. Sugar triggers cravings, increases stress, and is one of the main causes of inflammation--which greatly effects our immune system. When it comes to balancing blood sugars, the less sugar, the better. Head HERE for Mind Body Green's No Sugar Week Challenge--it's a great place to start!

Implementing 1 or all 3 of these steps will boost you not just physically but mentally as well as our food choices effect our physical state AND mental state. 

Eating cleaner will help you decrease and control inflammation, balance hormones, balance blood sugars, and prevent disease. 

Which step will you take?



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