Aren’t you pumped?

Well, I did it guys! I survived the first year of being a mom of a type 1 diabetic! And no I’m not looking for a pat on the back or any sort of accolade, I just can’t believe that next month will be my son’s 1st Diaversary! Time sure does fly and I guess not just when you’re having fun. Up to this point we have been MDI (which means Multiple Daily Injections) with administering Hayden’s insulin. He takes it like a champ and rarely complains BUT as of lately, he has been needing more insulin more frequently than he did before. This means I’m poking him more often and he’s moaned and groaned about it a bit now. Also his numbers have been fluctuating in the middle of the night and who in their right mind would want to be woken up with a needle poke! I know I wouldn’t! Which leads me in to my next paragraph…lol

You know when you have a baby and one of the first annoying questions that everyone asks is “are you breastfeeding?” Well there is something that I have found in the diabetic community that I think is pretty close and we get asked literally ALL THE TIME. “Is your son on a pump yet?” And then I have to go into the whole, well we are still fairly new with diabetes and we are trying to get him comfortable with everything we have to do so far and maybe one day when he’s ready..blah blah blah.. Now being almost a year in, I can say (with shaky hands) that we are going to be embarking into the world of pumping. 

 At my son’s last endocrinology appointment his dad asked the dr about starting Hayden on a pump. We’d talked about it before and I knew this day would come but to actually be having this conversation FOR REALS? Our Dr. replied with a casual, “sure, let me get my samples to show you so you can choose which one you want to go with” as my stomach dropped and a wave of nervousness washed over me.There is sooo much to learn with taking care of a Type 1 diabetic. Carb counting, insulin dosages, how many to give of each, when to give them, how to handle sickness and ketones and on and on. Lately I’ve been feeling like we’ve had a pretty good handle on things and now we’re gonna go and screw it all up!!! Woah, sorry…emotions getting the best of me lol. Three two one, one two three, what the heck is bothering me!?! It’s just something new that we will all have to learn and adjust to but I’m nervous and scared for the adjustment period. Really nervous. I’m worried the pump will malfunction, someone will enter in the wrong dosage and who knows what else. 

We have chosen to go with the Omnipod pump which is tubeless and controlled by a remote. A small pod sits on top of the skin and insulin is held inside of it. With a quick poke a small canula is inserted under the skin through which the insulin enters the body. What I’m excited for is that I can literally just push a button to give him insulin instead of having to inject him with a needle. We had a playdate yesterday with a new friend of mine that I’ve met in the type 1 community whose son has the pump that Hayden will be getting. Hayden got to see everything firsthand and that made him feel much more comfortable with the idea of getting one (AND ME TOO!). 

I tell ya, although I’m more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, (I’ve always wanted to use that lol!) I know this will be a positive step for us and I’m trying to embrace it. There will be frustrating times ahead as we learn to fine tune new dosages but I’m willing to trust the process. I’m hoping Hayden will feel more freedom and less pain. Anything I can do to make this disease easier on him I’m gonna do. 

We should be getting the pump in about a months time so wish us luck and send those positive vibes our way! I would love to hear in the comments section about your pump experiences or any tips that you’d like to share. Until next time, thanks for reading and pump up the jam, pump it up, pump some iron, pump those brakes, pump your gas..hmmm…that’s all I’ve got! Thanks for reading!

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